Restaurant Hülsmannshof


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Our classics

Meat Dishes

Spaghetti aglio olio peperoncino with Eismeer-Shrimps and parmesan
13,50 €
Broad noodles with slices from turkeybreast, roasted tomatoes and vegetables in Oliveoil
12,90 €
Hülsmannshof Currywurst (grilled sausage) with roasted potatoes and mixed salad
9,50 €
Slides from roast beef (cold) with roast potatoes and salad
13,50 €
Selections of various starters
13,90 €
Fresh salad of the season with in chili roasted slices of turkey fresh fruits, yoghurt-cream-dressing, served with baguette
13,50 €
Fresh salad of the season with tuna, salmon and shrimps onion-rings, honey-mustard-dressing, served with baguette
12,80 €
Potato pancake with tartar of salmon and a side salad
9,90 €
Cream of potato-leek-soup vegetarian
6,50 €
Wiener Schnitzel with fresh mixed vegetables and french fries
15,90 €
Medaillons of pork, beef and turkey with bernaise sauce, served with roast potatoes, vegetables
16,90 €
"Cordon Bleu" Turkey-beast flled with cheese and ham served with french fries and small mixed salad
17,20 €
Baked Rumpsteak with onian and mustard crust with roast potatoes and side salad
24,50 €


Selection of various ice-cream
6,00 €
Selections of various ice-cream with a topping of whipped cream
6,50 €
Vanilla ice-cream served with hot cherries and a topping of whipped ice-cream
7,50 €
Selection of various ice-cream with fresh fruits and a topping of whipped cream
7,50 €
Selections of various ice-cream with egg-nogg, topped with whipped cream
7,00 €
Vanilla Ice cream with pear and hot chocolate sauce
6,20 €
Iced coffee
5,80 €
Iced chocolate
5,80 €
Holsteiner red fruit jely with vanilla sauce
6,50 €
Fresh fruit salad with vanilla sauce
6,50 €
Mousse au Chocolat garnished with fresh fruits
7,50 €
Dessert "Hülsmannshof" surprise
9,50 €
Selections of various Cheese frig-mustard, olices and bread
9,50 €

Children's menu

2,50 €
Homemade potato pancake with applesauce
2,30 €
Breadet fish sticks
4,80 €
Chicken Nuggets
5,30 €
"Wiener Schnitzel"
5,90 €
Small filet of beef
12,50 €
Ice cream for children
2,30 €
Loin of pork with cream-sauce
9,50 €

Look for a side dish:

spaghetti, rice, homemade noodles, fried fries, croquettes, vegetables, side salad

Bon appétit!

Hülsmannshof provides two a la carte areas. 

Our multi-leveled first floor provides more cozy corners than most restaurants with tables that cater from 2 to 20 guests. There is also a fireplace that provides a warm nostalgic atmosphere.

The first floor has beautifully quaint low ceilings and a mixture of new and old oak retaining beams. The tables on this floor cater for 2 to 10 guests with the possibility of a table for up to 40 guests for company functions. 

The first floor is used preferably in combination with the top floor for large companies. The top floor is generally used for public announcement and festivities while the first floor is usually reserved for dining.

Seating is up to 90 guests on the first floor and we strongly recommend that you book in advance.