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Venison and goose
starts 15. October 2016

in autumn and winter

Boletus-consommé with leeks and small dumplings
8,50 €
Beef-carpaccio with lemon-caper-marinade Parmesan, little potatoes with truffeled mayonnaise
13,50 €
Beetroot carpaccio with truffelcremel and parmesan
11,90 €
Roasted blackpudding with mashed potatoes, applerelish, stewed onions and dark sauce
13,50 €
King prawn roasted with warm lentils-salad
14,80 €
Classical roast goose with breast and leg baked apple, glazed chestnut, red cabbage and potato dumplings
28,50 €
1/2 farm-grown duck with dark sauce orange-segment, red cabbage and croquettes
21,50 €
Breast of guinea fowl with herbs on apple-cream-sauce with brussels sprouts and potatoe-biscuits
19,50 €
Venison ragout with mushrooms homemade swabian noodles, apple purée and cranberrys
18,80 €
Braised beef in vinegar from wild pig with creamed savoy cabbage and potaoto dumplings
19,50 €
Fillet of beef with dark trufflesauce grilled vegetables and sweet freid potatoes
34,50 €
Grilled fishfilets and scampi teriyaki-sauce, ginger and wasabibutter, grilled vegetables and potatoes
24,50 €
Warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce
6,50 €
Warm chocolate-soufflé with molten seed and vanilla whip
9,50 €

Vegetarian from 20.10.2018

Tomato-soup with whipped cream
6,80 €
Cream of potato-leek-soup vegetarian
6,50 €
Olives with 3 dips and bread
6,00 €
Vegetarian Antipastivariations - surprise-
12,50 €
Slices of mozzarella and tomatoes with fresh basil marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar served with baguette
8,50 €
Beetroot carpaccio with truffelcremel and parmesan
11,90 €
Red-cabbage, creames savoy cabbage, dumplings with sweet chestnuts, baked apple and dark sauce
13,50 €
Piquante spaghetti with onions, leek, and garlic, oliveoil and parmesan
10,50 €
Broad noodles with roasted tomatoes and vegetables in Oliveoil
10,90 €

Saisonal with goose from 20.10.2018

At the 15th of october 2016 it starts our venison and goose card.

Enjoy it!