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Buffet B1

  • Potato leek cream soup with chanterelle - served -
  • Different slices of melon with serrano- and parmaham
  • Cold slices of irish roast beef, medium rare with herbsauce
  • Salad buffet with an assortment of dressings
  • Tomato with mozzarella
  • Smoked salmon, trout and marinated shrimps
  • Medaillons from  irish beef and pork served on stewed champignons
  • Breast of chicken fillet with fruity curry sauce
  • mediteran noodles (vegetarian)
  • Fresh vegetables of the season, gratinated potatoes, basmati rice and herb gravy
  • Variations from soft and hard cheese
  • Basket of bread and butter, soft cream cheese with herbs
  • Dessertvariations

Price per person: 38.00 €

Buffet B2

  • Served:
  • Variety of hors d'oeuvres with grilled mediterrean vegetables, tomato mozzarella salad with pesto sauce and basil, potato pancakes with smoked salmon tatar, marinated sheep's milk cheese, grilled scampi, slices from roastbeef, mini-soups
  • On Buffet:
  • Breast of turkey, irish roastbeef, pork fillet - carved at buffet -, dark sauce and sauce bernaise
  • Pike perch on tomato sauce
  • Boletus-risotto with parmesan
  • Vegetables, gratinated potato, risotto with parmesan and rosemary potato
  • Cheese platter, olives and fig mustard
  • Basket of bread, butter and soft cream cheese with herbs
  • Served:
  • Desserts Hülsmannshof in glasses 

Price per person: 42.00 €

Buffet B3

  • Minestrone with parmesan
  • Antipasti plates "classico" with grilled vegetables, tomato-mozzarella, beef-carpaccio, vitello tonnato from saddle of veal, sheeps milk cheese, bruscetta, shrimps in lemon-vinaigrette, smoked-salmon-carpaccio, parma-ham with melon, rocket salad with truffeled vinaigrette
  • "Saltimbocca" Escalope of veal with parma ham in sage cream sauce, 
  • Corn-breast of chicken-filet with mediterean sauce
  • Wolf-fish and king-prawns grilled on spinach-breast
  • penne aglio olio peperoncini (vegetarian)
  • Broccoli, grilled mushrooms, cauliflower and carrots, boletus-risotto, resemary-potato,
  • Selection of cheese
  • Basket bread and herbed butter
  • Tiramisu, fresh fruit salad, panna cotta, creme caramel and chocolatecake

Price per person: 45,00 € 


  • "Hülsmannshof" Our wedding soup - served a la carte, beef broth with marrow dumpling, egg custard, vegetable julienne
  • Thin slices of breast of duck on lamp's lettuce with rasperry vinaigrette sauce
  • Scampi-sticks with aioli
  • Parma and serrano ham with marinated melon balls
  • Carpaccio from tomato and mozzarella with white balsamic vinegar and pesto
  • Salad buffet of the season with tree dressings
  • Cocktail of Shrimps 
  • Big fishplate with a whole poached salmon, smoked salmon, haibut and trout, horseradish cream sauce and dill-mustard-sauce
  • Irish roastbeef in herb crust and herb gravy, saddle ob lamb, corn breast of chicken, pork Fillet - carved on the buffet
  • Pikeperch and salmon fillet on melted tomatoes
  • Baked sheep`s milk cheese on ratatouille - vegetarian -
  • Fresh vegetables, butter rice, gratinated potatoes, potato with sea salt, butter swabian noodles
  • Choice of cheese specialities
  • Basket of bread and butter
  • Desserts in glasses: mousse au Chocolat, creme caramel, Tiramisu, chocolatecake, panna cotta, Fresh fruitsalad, fruit jelly
  • Later: Curry Ketchu grilled sausage

Price per Person: 48.00 €

Separate to your buffet

  • Curry ketchup grilled sausage  4,50 Euro p./P.

Help yourself

Why not offer a buffet to a company of 20 or more people.  We have something for everyone. Again of course, feel free to mix and match to your tastes.

You can order any of our drinks packages with a buffet, however drinks will be billed when ordered via our a la Cart service.

The finger food buffet is only a snack buffet and is only valid in connection with a beverage flat.