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Starters, salads and little things

Cream of potato soup with shrimps, fresh chanterelles and croutons
10,50 €
Autumn salad in pumpkin seed oil vinaigrette with bacon, grilled slices of Angus beef fillet, parmesan, small olives, bruscetta
16,90 €
Potato pancake with tartar of Salmon or smoked Salmon discs and a side salad
11,90 €
Fresh salad of the season with fruit salad stripe of chicken in chilimarinade and bread
14,90 €
Fresh salad of the season with tunaand salmon onion-rings, honey-mustard-dressing, served with baguette
13,90 €
Fresh salad of the season with honey-mustard, joghurt or balsamico
7,50 €


White herring salad "housewifes style" with apples, onions and fried potatoes
14,50 €
Slides from roast beef (cold) with roast potatoes and salad
15,50 €
Flat grilled slices of veal steak with smoked salmon rose, Frankfurter green sauce, boiled egg
22,50 €
Grilled beef-fillet- and porkfilletmedaillon with fried mushrooms, sauce bernaise and peppercreamsauce, gratinated potatoes, salad
21,90 €
"Wiener Schnitzel" Breaded veal cutlet with french fries and cucumber salad in cream
22,50 €
"Cordon Bleu" from calaw filled with cheease an ham with french fries and small mixed salad
23,50 €
Hülsmannshof Currywurst (grilled sausage) with roasted potatoes and mixed salad
9,50 €
Baked Rumpsteak with onion and mustard crust with roast potatoes and side salad
24,50 €
Spaghetti aglio olio peperoncino with Eismeer-Shrimps and parmesan
13,50 €
Grilled fishfilets and scampi with garlic and herbs, cream spinach, grilled vegetables and potatoes with seasalt
24,50 €
Saddle ob lambfillet grilled vegetables, Little olives, honey-pepper-sauce and gratinated potatoes
25,50 €


Summer-salad in aceto balsamico melon, olives, mushrooms, grilled vegetables, Parmesan and bruscetta
15,90 €
Piquante pumpkin cream soup with his oil and cores
8,50 €
Autumn salad in pumkin seed oil vinaigrette with parmesan, melted champignons, bruscetta, little olives and sheep cheese
15,90 €
Fresh salad of the season with honey-mustard, joghurt or balsamico
8,50 €
Piquante spaghetti with onions, leek, and garlic, oliveoil and parmesan
11,50 €
Tagliatelle with fine mediterranean vegetables, tomatoes, small olives and ricotta
12,50 €

for childs

Homemade potato pancake with applesauce
3,30 €
Breadet fish sticks
4,80 €
Chicken Nuggets
5,30 €
"Wiener Schnitzel" from calw
8,90 €
Small filet of beef
12,50 €
to choice with maincourse noodles, French fries, croquettes, vegetables, little salad
0,00 €
Loin of pork with cream-sauce
9,50 €


Warm plumragout with creamy vanilla ice
8,50 €
Selection of various ice-cream
6,00 €
Selections of various ice-cream with a topping of whipped cream
6,50 €
Vanilla ice-cream served with hot cherries and a topping of whipped ice-cream
7,50 €
Selection of various ice-cream with fresh fruits and a topping of whipped cream
7,50 €
Selections of various ice-cream with egg-nogg, topped with whipped cream
7,00 €
Iced coffee
5,80 €
Iced chocolate
5,80 €
Affogato Espresso, vanilla icecream, cream
5,50 €
Red fruit jely with vanilla sauce
7,50 €
Fresh fruit salad with vanilla sauce
8,50 €
Mousse au Chocolat garnished with fresh fruits
9,50 €
Dessert "Hülsmannshof" surprise
10,50 €


At the 15th of october 2016 it starts our venison and goose card.

Enjoy it!