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The first documented reference to "Hofes Scharrenhüls"


Johann Georg Hülsmann purchases the yard.


Heinrich Wilhelm Hülsmann marries Gertrud Kohlhoff and commenced construction of the half-timbered building. Beams baring the insciptions of Heinrich Wilhelm and Anna Gertrude Hülsmann Kohlhoff were made on the 5th of July 1825.


Theodore Hülsmann sold the farm and its 111 acres to Margarethe Krupp. He, in turn, became a tenant to Margarethe Krupp.


Wilhelm Barkhoff, Theodore Hülsmann"nephew, moves onto the farm


The first restaurant "Bauer Barkhof"


The 1st of July brought a new era know now as "Hülsmannshof"

We remember...

The Hülsmannshof boasts a history that spans over a century-long as a farm and a long-standing traditional restaurant.

Tasteful oak beams felled in 1825 and the addition of the modern atrium roof built in 1998 – comfort with a whimsical combination of modern and nostalgic eras.

During reconstruction in 1998, a well, with the depth of 8 meters, was uncovered (the original well). This has been restored and is now incorporated into the design of our restaurant – it is visible from our foyer and still holds water.

The old framework of our restaurant is on display from the second storey in our building. There are some half-timbered areas covered by Plexiglas windows, so that you are able to view the mud filled walls from the past.